I was recently thinking about the way I hit chords. Usually, when I have a chord that's like, 3 on the low E, 5 on the A, and also 5 on the D, I bar the two 5s. Should I use different fingers to hit each 5?
Not particularly, depends what is comfortable for you, ultimately the 5 on the D is the same as the 3 on the E (G) so it makes little difference to the overall sound
I'm not an expert, but no, I don't think you have to use a finger for both strings in that case. I don't when I play power chords like that. Just make sure you're muting the higher strings with the ring finger so you don't get unwanted notes.
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No, I just mean that as an example. I'm just asking like, if two notes are on the same frets for two different strings, am I suppose to use a different finger for each note? Or can I just bar it?
It's completely fine to bar it. I generally use two separate fingers because i'm more used to playing barre chords than power chords anymore. Whatever is comfortable there's no right or wrong way.
Well, in some cases, you can barre it like that. but in others, like for an Am or E chord for instance, if you're doing those chords shapes it would be diffcult to barre the two frets next to eachother without muting the other fretted note. but for powerchords, do whatever you want
It doesn't matter I have seen both ways. Personally a use my index for the 3, ring for the 5 on A and pinky for the 5 on D. It is whatever is comfortably for you either way your hitting the same frets on the same strings so your gettting the same chord.
Ooh, also, if you do barre the two notes, then it will eventually make barre-ing barre chords on the A string, as you've already built up the strength in the ring finger
depends what the next chord in the progression is, you might need your pinky to stretch to another note, just do whats comfortable and ergonomical.
Well, the chord progression is actually the Smells Like Teen Spirit intro. My friend told me I was doing it wrong because I barre everything
if you are hitting the right notes without muffling them and playing it to the right rhythm then you are playing it right, however when you move onto to more advance techniques particularly lead work, it`s best to use the tips of your fingers and not the pads