FS/FT UK: Ibanez RG w/ DiMarzio set, custom pickguard, Wilkinson hardware

I have a few super strats and this gets played the least so I'm interested in trading it up for something different of similar or higher value, with or without cash depending on whats offered.

Heres the beast:

• Basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard
• DiMarzio Breed, HS-2, Super Distortion pickups
• Wilkinson tuners (gold)
• Licensed Floyd Rose trem (gold)
• Custom "Jeanie" 3 ply black pickguard from the USA
• Custom wiring (both buckers coil tapped)
• Gigged by previous owner (see photos)


Guitar is around £300+ new, pickups are worth £150+, pickguard was £30, tuners and bridge came to around £50 so factoring in the usual signs of wear and tear this guitar has acquired I think its still resonable to value it between £250-350.

Any offers?
Quote by zakarai
Don't get it
. And the basis of your argument for not getting this guitar is?
Where abouts are you based? and would you be interested in my Epiphone Prophecy SG?
Would It Be Ok, Would It Be Ok, If I Took Your Breath Away?
Im in in the middle of North Norfolk in a sleepy little town...

I do quite like the look of those prophecy SGs... are you offering a straight swap?
I was thinking of a straight swap yes as I don't really have much else to offer for it.
Would It Be Ok, Would It Be Ok, If I Took Your Breath Away?
Aw Oli, you're breaking my heart selling it on =P it looks absolutely mint my friend!
Email me btw, I may need your assistance with making a website at some point in the future...
Haha sorry dude, I just have too many super strats and I can't bare to part with my others!

This is actually SOLD now, got a nice price for it, so im having a good look around for something new. Im thinking a 7 string would be nice....