I'm a multi-instrumentalist(Though guitar is the only one I play that well, and harmonica if the beat's slow), and recently released my first solo album thing under the anagrammatic stagename Marco Normal. I don't have much money, so it was done in my basement on my MacBook, so the quality isn't huge, but it's listenable, and I'd appreciate any listens you guys give.

The album's oriented with an instrumental guitar techno-rock sound, and future releases are likely to include more bluesy and rock influences, as well as folk elements if and when I can get vocal takes I'm happy with.

My first album, Stargazer, which I named such as, ever since I was a little kid, staring up at the night sky has fascinated me, is up for free download right here;


Most of them were either first-takes or quick things I got a take I was happy with within the first five, so it may not be as polished as it could be, but everyone who's heard it so far has liked it, so I don't think it's too bad.

Feedback and suggestions, whether positive or negative, are always appreciated, as long as they're constructive("This is horrible and you should feel bad for releasing it" or "You should put down the guitar and crawl away" aren't exactly helpful or proper, "The EQing here needs work, ____ is too high/low in the mix" or "Your articulation is a bit sloppy, try practicing getting everything clear and precise before you record again" are), the last thing I want to do is make an album that only I like, so let me know if you would've done anything different so we can get a better product next go-around!

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