I guess it's post-rock, but it more closely resembles American Football without vocals. I'll do C4C but I can't guarantee much if it's not my style. Thanks to anyone who takes time to listen.

RSE is a must. If you don't have it, here's a video so you can hear it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29LHKzPhtyU

I don't expect you to look at the tab if you're satisfied with the video, but I assume most of you want it...

Edit: Updated with markers.
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The intro suits the song. Not to much in the way of a melody really occuring, in fact with the bend it is rather dissonant. This is not bad just the vibe of the song is built off of this. Right off the bat I would like to see at least a synth pad/synth strings backing some sections of this song. It would add another layer of depth and more texture to this style of music. I enjoy post rock but behind all of the effects and guitar layers I often feel it is lacking more depth when the song is essentially asking for it.

You should also use markers to label different sections in GP. It makes it easier to critique. Just letting you know.

I like the counter melody at bar 10. The dual arpeggios are just great sounding. At this point there is no distinct/memorable melody, which is kind of a flaw; though not necessarily.

At bar 22 I love the chords. At 26 I love how the song just kind of goes in a different direction with some different layered sounds. The synth bells really do a lot, which is what I am saying with various other synth textures.

The tempo change at 46 is unexpected but well executed. I can really see your drum programming skills are pretty great. The melody in this section is great, and a lot is happening to make it unique. The tremelo guitar in the background is fantastic.

I also enjoyed the outro thoroughly.

At the end of this it was kind of somber for me. I felt there was more this song could offer, as it seemingly just kind of died. I think working with some additional instruments (more synths, strings, violins, etc.) could add some more length and interesting things. Irregardless it is a really solid effort as it is. I'd say it is about a 7 or 8/10. Theres no real flaws, just not doing too much in the way of uniqueness. That said, you are doing the "norm" (as far as normal post rock is concerned anyways) very well; almost flawlessly.

If you'd like to C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1343126
^ I forgot to add labels, my bad. I really appreciate the detail. I'll return the favor when I have the chance. I agree with you that there is a lot of room for synth, strings, and more guitars, I simply never put the effort forward to add them. Thanks
i don't know why i feel so dry
Holy shit, I really enjoyed that. I don't really have time to do an in depth criticism right now, but that was very good.
herby190: Chaotic drums are my style . However the lack of climax is noted. That's a good comment that goes along with what Ulalume was saying -- it lacks depth and memorability. There's no clear direction. Thanks for listening.

rocketfalls: Thanks!
i don't know why i feel so dry
I loved the drums and 4/4 to 2/4 switch in the intro and first verse. The transition between them was too early though, I'd rather expect some longer build-up. As it was previously said, drums are generally written pretty well.

The thing I didn't like much was the bassline. With such melodic one, and rather chaotic drums, there was nothing that could keep the whole piece inside of some general frame. I hope you understand, what I mean . And the synth was a little annoying. However, when I turned the volume a little down, it was fine.
I really liked it. The only thing to crit is that it's too short. Feels like it can go a lot further and then it just ends. If you make it longer and proggier I think it has potential to be really epic.

Anyway, awesome song.

Love the intro, awesome drums and bass when the verse kicks in, it gives me this strange sense of nostalgia I only seem to be able to get from Post Rock. Nice catchy chorus and the chords in the second part of the chorus have a really nice melody. The tempo change was a nice change of pace and probably my favourite riff in the song. Only negative thing I could point out really is that it feels a bit short, which has already been mentioned. Not sure how much this crit can help you but honestly I can't hear much wrong with this piece.

If you could crit one of the top two in my sig that would be great.