Hey I was wondering how high or low is your string action. Now, I have never measured it until now. Up until now I just did it by feel but I was surprised to find that my action on the 12th fret on the low e string was a bit over 1/16 th inch and the same for the high string. Is this considered high or low action?
that could mess with your intonation a bit if its to high
if the intonation its fine and it feels good you shouldnt change anything about it
1/16" is 1.6mm which is what I set my low E to (high E 1.2mm). If you are just above this then you are probaly close to 2.0mm which is what I would consider a 'normal' action height. I would leave the low E where it is and lower the high E a tad and see if that feels better to you (typcically the high E is set lower). If not raise it back up.