I just got my guitar from ebay. It is a Silvertone ss11. I tried tap on the strings and it seems that my 1st 2 strings barely make any sound comparing to the other strings. Is this normal since the 1st 2 strings doesn't vibrate as strongly as the lower strings? Please help.
sounds like the pick up is lower on that side
there should be some screws that raise or lower the pups just raise the side of the pick up that is quiet
Before adjusting the pick ups, does it also sound softer than the lower strings when you're doing normal picking?

If it isn't, you probably need to work on your tapping technique.
no when i pick, they sounds alright. I don't think its my tapping cause i tap it pretty hard and it still outputs very low sound and when i tap the lower string with less strength and it sounds much louder than tapping the first 2 strings with all my strengths. i tap the strings on the same fret.
Yeah that's the thing. If you pick it and it doesn't sound soft, I think you can rule out the pick ups being too low.

I could be wrong though.
i raised the pick ups and it looks very very angled. I basically raised the 1st side all the way up and lower the last side all the way down. It's helping but the sounds isn't as loud as i thought it would be.