Hey peeps,

So, I've literally just finished putting a fresh set of strings on my Ibanez (not of the highest quality btw [RGA42]) after letting them stretch out a bit, I tuned em' down to drop c, and was nearly blinded by my high e string (good job I wear glasses )

It was the first string to go last time but I thought nothing of it because if any are gonna go, its gonna be that one. But these were literally brand new so I was a bit miffed really

I noticed that again it snapped at the gear, so would I be right in presuming the gear is responsible? If so, can I file it smooth at home with out the need for any special tools? (I have a round file that would fit) I'd prefer not to have to take it to a tech as they're on the overpriced side.

Any advice will be appreciated.
just smooth it off. it'll be fine, just don't flatten out a side.
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You can file it, I had the same problem on my first guitar, and also nearly took a high E string to the eye. All you really have to do is find the point where the string makes contact and breaks and file that are down to where it's smooth or rounded.