Hey yo... finally got the internet again. Long time no see.

This is somewhat generic lyrically, I know..
but I have the song on myspace for you to listen to if you feel so inclined.
It's one of my best ones yet i think.. anyway here's the link:


Ashiteru Bahyi

Well, you made me think
I was living in a dream,
but I woke up and came
back to my senses.

And now I'm not too sure
of anything that you said.

Why'd you run away from me
when I cannot keep up anyway?
And if the story ends without you,
I don't think I'll ever read the end.

Oh, Bahyi, ashiteru.

Well, I made a scene,
I was livid yesterday.

Oh, Bahyi, ashiteru.

When did you decide it wasn't right for you?
And how could you deny me of the truth?
So not cool.
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