Eliminating a strong hum noise created when recording through PC's Line In jack?

Well, I wanted to start and try record stuff I've written, and currently the logical option would be recording it with the computer through my amp's Line Out.

The sound card's Line In is of the standard small connector, so I use some "large" to "small" connector (I don't know their actual names) connected to the amp's Line Out which a regular two sided cable goes from into the computer's Line In.

But it creates a strong, interrupting "hum" noise that is just a result of the connection as it's seperate from the general noise that might happen when connecting the guitar (which's most audible when using the bridge pickup and is being amplified by overdrive).

I guess that it's a grounding problem, and it seems like the issue explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_in#Line_in

And apparently a cable with in optical section or something that prevents direct contact between the two ends should solve this; But I want to know if other people who have tried to record this way had the same problem.

Thanks in advance.
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What's your amp?

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well you got some options
1. Get an interface
2. Get a good Noise Gate/Reduction VST

I used to plug in my guitar like that and i got horrible noise. but i got an interface now.
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First off, is the cable going to the lines in running parallel to any power cords? Second, what kind of monitor are you using? An old CRT monitor will create a magnetic field that pretty much interferes with the magnetic field your pickups generates and it will cause a hum. If changing the position of the guitar relative to the monitor changes the hum then that's the problem. If it doesn't then it's probably a 50-cycle hum issue.
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I'm not sure what do you mean by "parallel to any power cords". You mean if it interferes and scrumbles with any power cable?

And my screen is an LCD, but again, as I've said, the hum is created independently of the guitar's noise and it would still record it even if the volume is set to 0 or the amp is completely turned off.

And what would a "50-cycle hum issue" be?

Thanks in advance.

And to korkcar: Well, if by "interface" you mean to a "mediating" connector in order to prevent direct contact (so I think it should be optic), than it's probably why I've talked about.

But noise reduction is probably not a good solution in terms of final quality, and anyway, I'm not sure if a pedal should work with it as it's not an actual output from the amp and it might happen at the sound card's connection port (if that's even possible).