Ok, My little Vox ad30vt just died on me, and the technician at my music store said it be minimum 150$ to repair so obviously it's time for a new amp. I am already sold on the modeling amp, and I'm leaning heavily towards the peavy vypyr. I'm thinking the solid state 75 watt because it's pretty loud for its size, and I'm on a budget. I'd love to spend under 300$ or less, but I might go up for a good reason. Can anybody tell me anything they know about these peavy vypyr amps, and which one I should buy? Also, if there are any other good modeling amps out there, speak up and give me the low down on them as well. Thanks for the help.
well ive heard the peavy vyper os one of the best lil modeling amps so thats good.
Yeah, the Vypyrs are pretty good. Some say they have reliability issues but I've had no trouble with mine.

Definitely get the 30 or 75 watt one--they have the larger 12" speaker and it's a big improvement over the smaller speaker in the 15 watt model. Also, they have more features such as USB recording.

Can't think of anything to complain about, it can produce a wide variety of sounds with the various amp models and stompbox settings.
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I have a Vypyr 30, I love it but it's about time for me to upgrade to something a little more focused to my style of playing. The 30 is plenty loud for just about anything, i've never had the volume higher then 6 or 7 and it goes to 13, the only thing you should know is the cheapest foot switch you can use is $100 (American)
Meh, if I were you I'd look at a Peavey Classic 30 used, save up some cash and you'll be much happier with what you'll be able to find in the 500 dollar range.

I don't see why repairing your current amp is out of the question, if you like it it would be better than shelling out more for a Vypyr which I consider inferior.

But if you're fine settling for the Vypyr, by all means, check one out.
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