Hello there. For a little while I've been thinking about writing something that I'll actually be really happy with and that is more than just a song that will eventually just get lost somewhere in the depths of the other one's I've made. To prevent that happening, I am writing a 3 part song/EP in which all of the songs continue into one another and is loosely a concept album.

So this is the second song/part of it and it is the most aggressive and technical of the three songs.

I'll post the first song just in case you want to check it out or hear how it continues into the second one. Thanks in advance!
The Letter H.gp4
The Letter L.gp4
The Letter L.mid
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The Letter H - So far it is going pretty well. I like the intro but I think the overall theme with the clean guitar starts to run on by bar 50. This can maybe be corrected or helped by a change in rhythm with the clean part, or adding notes and possible doing both while keeping the melody in the same key.

The blast beat? part at bar 89 sounds a little bit out of place. Maybe keep a steadier rhythm on the snare, that should help. The riff at bar 99 runs on. I suggest adding more to the mix at bar 102 or 103 (bass progression, drum progression, piano progression, you decide). And then stop the progression to lead into the next song, or maybe just keep the progression going into the next song.

And I think that sort of progression would fit well because it will make the first part of the next song sound less out of nowhere.

The Letter L

The buildup is nice... I like it.. but the crash is a little much. Try using something else. Bar 27 really reminds me of Opeth. However, I think the solo that comes up a little later in the rhythm would fit better if it came in with the drums, then bring in the bass part when the clean "solo" would normally come in.

That way it fits in tighter as a whole, and doesn't drag on. Then the part up until bar 61 really drags on a bit.

I didn't like bar 61 - 74 so much, but the part after that was awesome. I really like that. It breaks down really nicely into bar 101. Then it kind of starts to drag on up until bar 125. Bar 125 sounds pretty good, though.

But, the songs as a whole sound good, they just drag on a little much at times, and they need something throughout the song to grip, so maybe try something under the lines of a "chorus"

Btw, thank you very much for your help on my song. : ) And if you, however, would just be so kind as to tell me what you think of bar 29 of that song, it would be good. I am kind of skeptical of it at the moment.

Your songs have lots of potential, btw.
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Ooh.. Well, its different from what I'd normally listen to, that's for sure. Are the songs going to be instrumental or are you going to add lyrics? If not, then the second song (the Letter L) is going to drag on a bit, but vocals would liven it up a LOT. Bars 13-36 are amazing, I really like that part. And I like the feeling durring bars 90-97. The clean part after that, not so much. I like it, but it gets a little boring after a while. The tremolo part after that sounds ok, but I cant say too much about that because my trem passages always sound like crap.. Then you got that last clean part (the one that repeated too much) playing on distortion, which sounds better I think.

Overall I like it, and I love the idea of linking songs together like this. I might even try it sometime. If I had any advice for you, it'd just be add a little something to some of the clean parts to keep them from dragging on. Hope I helped
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Thank you very much to both of you. I really appreciate your feedback!
Sweet candy populous...

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The yellow envelope with the dot in it makes me e-orgasm.