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As a bit of a relaxation exercise, I decided to record myself playing Sparks by Coldplay today. Two vocals tracks and a rough piano (i.e. no backing track). I have a MIDI controlling keyboard but I was in the mood to use my pseudo-tuned upright today. To add to the *ahem* down-home feel, everything was recorded on my MacBook mic, since my recording gear is elsewhere at present haha...I feel pretty connected to the song at the moment, especially because it reminds me of the scene in Wedding Crashers where they used it...call me soft all you want

The only major change I made was the addition of the harmonies and the use of falsetto (or lack thereof). I guess I wanted to get a bit of emotion out.

Anyway, let me know, I always crit back!

Thanks people.

P.S. Bonus points awarded to those who can pick out the sound of a dog barking somewhere in the song...
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I love this song so very much, my favorite Coldplay song by far.

I love the way it works on piano. It sounds really great there.

The vocals stray off tune at some points, they could also be a bit louder, the piano over powers them and makes your voice sound weaker at times, even though it isn't. The harmonies were actually very nice, but the falsetto part was kind of odd, I don't know.

It's still good though, and props for choosing that song.

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nice cover man. I always liked coldplay's use of the piano and their relaxed vibe. the only issues i really heard were on the highs for the vocals, but still great job.