hey everybody, i've been seeing quite a few amp builds on GB&C lately, and ive thought about looking into it. this would be a project for the future when A: i have mnore money, and B: i finish my current guitar project
so does anybody know of any websites or anything that have good instructions, guides, or even kits?
extra info just in case: i would preferably like this to be a metal amp, 2 channels (if its not too too hard) at least a basic EQ/Vol. (bass, mid, treble, vol.) oh and hopefully a stack of some sort. i guess a 1x12 or maybe a 2x12 cab would be good...
anyways im open to almost anything since i dont know a whole lot about this, thanks!
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There's a link in my sig to an amp building resource I've been working on. In that resource, there are links to various other sites that talk about amp building. For a beginner, I recommend www.ax84.com , but check out the thing in my sig as well