I was listening to some Coroner and Watchtower and tried to make something like that. Btw if you don't know who these bands are check them out they are awesome technical thrash metal. Just tacked the solo kinda in the end. And also need help writing drum parts.
Thrash song.mid
Thrash song.gp5
To be brutally honest, the solo sucked. It might be the program(in fact, it probably is) but the guitars sound bad(not the music, just the tone, not a problem though). I really like the riff where you change tempo to 100. It sounds nice. The riff in the beginning, i don't think the sliding would sound as good as you picking both notes(as opposed to sliding the power chord).
I liked it. You had some great riffs in there, especially the intro riff and the one that follows. I really loved the riff before the solo when it slowed down, that was heavy. The only complaint is that sometimes it seems a little TOO busy. The simplest riff in the song is the heaviest and best, maybe consider doing that to the rest too. I do like the first couple of riffs and the verse a lot though.

Also, the solo wasn't fantastic either, like the guy above me said.

Thanks for the crit.
It was good, but I think you need vocals!

Liked the riffs early-on.

75-98 dragged on too long, I felt.

The solo.. well, like everyone else, I didn't think it was very good. I think people expect lots of tremolo picking and super-fast scales when you say thrash. This solo isn't melodic enough to excuse it for being that slow.

The outro could be more exciting, maybe a sped-up version or a lead going on, vocals would probably add that excitement/anger that thrash needs!

Good effort, but please use markers next time! Thanks for the crit.
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