I've been in an abstractish lyric mood lately.
..and also my friend (UGer ZiggyGanjah ) helped revise this and deserves this mentioning.

Like a child, I'd ride the swings of your mood
and you would ride mine too
We touched the sky, again and again
but always fell too soon

And like your mother, I held you dear
We danced through crowds of smoke and beer
And from my carraige, drinking golden sun
I calmly watched your home disapear

Like a child, I had simple intentions
Eating dirt and climbing fences
But you were in it for the sleep
And became a virus, bearing false pretenses

Like your father, my words could get ugly
They'd flood your eyes and sting your ears
My thoughts reflected a warped reality
like a path of light controlled by mirrors
Oh, you DO want a free demo?