So Im looking at 3 amps, kustom defender 50 watt, egnater tweaker and the blackstar ht 20. I do weekly medium sized gigs and all these are in my price range. I play prog kinda of stuff like the fall of troy but so i need a really clear distortion, i will be running a ts9 through the amp i choose so im looking for which would react better with it. also i need a good clean sound for jazz because i will be using the amp for jazz band. thanks!
I'd personally go for the Egnator.
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I think the only one I wouldn't recommend because of your TS9 is the Kustom. And also I hear the Blackstar doesn't have much of a clean tone (better let someone with more experience with the amp tell you about that one). Egnater gets my vote.
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Egnater gets a third vote, it's a great amp and can do what you need done.
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