Tuning: D Standard
Length: Approx. 3:30

Yeah I got another song.. This is what, the third this week? Well that doesn't matter. With this one I was kinda shooting for a sad yet epic sound, but I think I really just got one or the other.

Also, on bar 31, I cant get the first cymbal to ring out. The cymbal roll after it mutes it for some reason. Any way I can fix that? I'm using Tuxguitar if it makes a difference.

And I'll c4c, like always.

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Hello. Saw you had no replies, so I thought I'd give you a critique! (What's the point in putting up a song if you get no help?)

Here it goes:
- I kinda-sorta like the acoustic intro. It's probably exactly what you were going for but to me it sounds a little unoriginal.
- The lead acoustic starting at bar 4 aids in giving it a fuller sound. Quite good sounding, actually.
- Ooh nice. Bass independence is something that really can help make a song stand out, instead of merely it following the guitarist. You did that well.
- The decrease in BPM sounds alright, mainly because it consists of just half note chord strums.
- I don't really like the dissonance caused by the D5 put over the E minor riff in bar 17. I would recommend just taking it out and letting the riff stand out on its own.
- The harmonizations sound good and I like the drums at bar 21 and 22.
- Bars 23 - 29 were really good. Probably the best part of the song so far.
- Oh boy, a breakdown. Nah, it's not that bad. It being in 5/4 makes it a lot more appealing and unique to me. I think you should change the E5 on the last beats of bars 32 and 34 to something else though. Sounds weird.
- Bars 38 to 49 were awesome, and I really like the dissonance caused by the Cb5. This part could use some more creative drumming, however.
- Solo was alright, the last 4 bars of it being the best part.
- The key change sounds really awkward and doesn't really seem necessary to me.
- Pretty good ending, no complaints there.

Overall a pretty good song. Not mindblowing but that's a good thing sometimes. 8.5/10.

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Thanks and I changed some of the things you pointed out. I left out the E5s in the breakdown and just left a rest, hopefully that makes it sound a little better. Also touched up the drumming from bar 38-49, and took out the key change.

I'll check yours out as soon as I can
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