If I use different String Gauges for my guitar would it damage the neck


E - .12
B - .13
G - .17
D - .26
A - .36
E - .46


E- .10
B - .11
G - .16
D - .26
A - .32
E - .46

Any thoughts would be great
meh...thats not huge. going from those to 12s would not be good.

i say string it up and see what happens. that differnece is not enough to do something bad, but it could affect your action (slight movement in the neck). but it isnt predetermined. so you cant adjust upfront. string em up, and see if anything changes. if it does, slightly tighten the truss rod.

and it probably shouldnt be an issue on the lower strings, but make sure the slots in the nut arewide enough. i moved from 10s to 10 heavy bottoms and the pressure from the too large low E cracked the end part of my nut off. i had to epoxy the small peice back on. works fine, but still.
Just standard, four forty. would the first example do? im willing to experiment just want a really slicing high end but just worried it will hurt the neck of my guitar.
if you want 12s on a 24.75 scale length guitar you want

E - .12
B - .16
G - .24w or 22plain
D - .32
A - .44
E - .60

E .012" PL == 22.0#
B, .016" PL == 21.95#
G, .024" n == 26.47#
D, .032" n == 26.47#
A,, .044" n == 27.02#
E,, .060" n == 28.68#
total == 152.59#

that will give you the correct tension increase all the way up.

the set in your first post is all sorts of wrong and will feel terrible for standard tuning e to e tuning.

you can use this set for a looser feel

E .012" PL == 22.0#
B, .016" PL == 21.95#
G, .022" n == 22.39#
D, .030" n == 23.59#
A,, .042" n == 24.79#
E,, .056" n == 24.83#
total == 139.54#
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I hate these threads. Guitar strings can't hurt your neck. If they did, they wouldn't be sold.

In fact, I don't think anything can hurt your neck besides slamming it into a post or something. You people act like they're made out of peanut brittle or something.

I've gone from 9's to 11's. No truss rod adjustment needed. I think the only time it needs to be adjusted is if it was ****ed with already, and shouldn't have been. I've never needed to adjust it on any of my guitars, and I just can't fathom why every person who wants to use any kind of strings besides 9's thinks they have to go and mess with it.

tl;dr: Stop being unnecessarily paranoid. You'll be fine.
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