how do u tell what time signature a song is by listening to it? i know what a time signature is and can easily identify which time signature the song is in when i have the music written out but i cant seem to do it when im just listening to a song. are there any tricks to it like listen to the drums or something?
what he said ^^
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also, if it sounds weird, it probably is.
as for distinguishing 3/4 - 6/8 - 12/8 etc., listen to the grouping and phrasing of the melody.
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yes listen to the drums and count the beats. see if you can feel where a new measure starts.

if you can count 1 2 3 4. its in 4/4

if it feels waltz like... 1 2 3 1 2 3
like do papa do pa pa

if it sounds like a 4/4 but has triplets in it

boo ti ti bah ti ti... it is in 6/8...

thats the best i can explain via the internet
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