So I posted it in GG&A thread but I bought a lot of stuff:

An Orange AD30
A Fender Bassman (67 blackface)
A Mesa 2x12 cab
A Radial ABY pedal
An iMac
and what is going to interest EG:

pretty much the best neck I've ever touched, great pickups also, very comfortable and great looking guitar. I haven't seen many people here play Ernie Ball guitars, so I thought it would be original for once =p I definitely recommend it to anyone
Looks nice...those strings look really far apart though and the fretboard looks really wide for a 6 string

2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic
2001 Schecter C-1 Classic
2007 Yamaha APX500
Vox AC15CC1 w/ Eminence Tonkerlite
Assorted Pedals!

All for sale!

Call me Matt!