So I have been slightly going crazy over my crappy guitar (Ibby Gax70). Unfortunately for my next musical purchase, I NEED a better keyboard. I've been making due with the ibby so its more of an annoyance.

Anyway im on craigslist to humor myself and i come across this


40 dollars for a guitar? Sounds like it'll be terrible.

The pics though look like it has some nice hardware and stuff. Needs new strings but if the electronics work...

From the very little info i found on google, Sebring seem to be a knockoff japenese brand from the 80's. I found an SB300 on Ebay for $230 or something.

Can anybody vouch for the quality of these guitars? If the electronics work is $40 bucks a steal or just throwing money down a toilet?
well, since there's no case you should avoid this guitar.

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I'd buy it for a cheap project. Other than that, looks like your typical Strat copy to avoid.
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