Hi, if i want to build a strat HSS guitar, does it matter if I only got 0.22uF resistors or MUST it be 0.47uF for the humbucker?

Thanks in Advance
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i'm assuming youre referring to the cap that is attached to the tone pot on the guitar, to which i say, it shouldnt matter as much no. all it does is change how much treble is being cut.
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1 - uF is a unit of capacitance, not resistance.

2 - typical values of capacitors for passive pickups are 0.022uF and 0.047uF
(not 0.22uF and 0.47uF)

3 - you would get a value of 0.044uF by connecting two 0.022uF caps in parallel.
(this is just fine as a substitute for a 0.047uF cap)

4 - Gibson uses 0.022uF caps in many of their 2HB guitars.

5 - The Guitar Wiring Thread is probably a better place for this.
You can find it by using the GB&C Essential links thread at the top of this forum.

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