Ok guys. So I am giving a little clinic/group lesson type of deal to some young students taking guitar lessons at a store I frequent. I have two backing tracks that I am going to do some improv over, but I am stumped as to what technical songs to include. Basically it comes down to two guys: John Petrucci and Steve Vai. For JP, I am thinking Wishful Thinking and Glasgow Kiss. For Vai, I am thinking perhaps The Audience is Listening and For the Love of God. Which do you think (or guitarist in general) shows more technical prowess. Thanks
Neither. Learn a Janus Brothers song. You will get te sex0rz!!

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Any of those songs will be good, But I´d prefer The Audience is Listening.
All of those songs will blow their tiny little minds.
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For The Love Of God is a good idea, it's one of Vai's most accessible songs while still showing a good level of technical proficiency.