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What is a MOD?
How do you become a MOD?

What is a CC?
How do you become a CC?
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Who are the moderators and what do they do?
- The current list of moderators, administrators and column cleaners can be found here.
- The mods, admins and CCs, as they are generally referred to, are responsible for keeping the forums and columns (comments in news articles, etc.) clean and organised. They are responsible for enforcing the rules, closing/deleting threads, giving out warnings/bans, and many other things.

How do you become a moderator/CC?
- New mods are added to the team only when they are required. The current mods and admins nominate people who they believe would do a good job as a moderator. We suggest people who we think are responsible, active in the forum in question, and who may have knowledge related to the forum in question (ie. Someone who knows a lot about amps might be nominated in the Guitar Gear & Accessories Forum).
- The mods then discuss the given options and when a decision is made, the prospective mod is asked if they’d like to join the team. If they say yes, they become a mod/CC.
*Note* Asking to be modded/CC’d will not help you to be chosen.

What do the different coloured names mean?
- Administrators have moderating powers in every forum which means they can delete/close/move threads and posts, edit posts, warn/ban users, etc. They can also change usernames (special circumstances only), delete user accounts, add and remove mods, add and delete forums, etc.
- Supermods also have moderating powers in every forum. They can also edit some user options such as avatars and signatures if needed.
- Moderators have moderating powers only in their designated forum(s).
- Column Cleaners can delete any spam or offensive comments in the columns section of the site (lessons/articles, etc.). Their warning and banning privileges extend only to users who abuse the columns, not the forums.

Hope that answers your questions.



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Also Carmel told me once that by asking you lose any chance of becoming a mod.

Also I think you have to be on the site for a year or 2 before you're even eligible.
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