Very booring structure. I'm not sure how to phrase this, but that beginning is just so typical. I heard the first two chord arpeggios and I could immediately tell what the third arpeggio would sound like. The chorus part is not half bad. The thing with the with those arpeggios is it lacs dynamic or whatever you might call it. Every arpeggio is played twice and it to me it just sounds booring. That kind of structure IMO could work for something with vocals, but if it's an instrumental you should have more variety.

P.S This is my opinion, so there's no reason to get butthurt over it.
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i was also thinking of this as an intro for my composition what do you think


its a bit faster and i think it will flow better with the rest of the composition
The trick is to add a little note here an there. Your 3 chord proggresion going and each chord arpeggio is played 2 times, so maybe on the second time add a note that would give it a unique sound or something like that. Just play around with it. That's what I do.
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Here, I wrote this thingy fast to give you a better idea of what I mean.

4 Chords.
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Quote by H4R1B0
hey guys in our music class for our music GCSE we have to mae our own composition up using influences that you write about

What exactly are those influences? Listening to that track (and I'll second the boring aspect) it could be just about any guitar band the last 30 years. And personally I don't think putting a few chords together will be considered a "composition" at any credible institution teaching music.
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