ein der eine die ein das
einen den eine die ein das
eines des einer der eines des
einem dem einer der einem dem
one the one the one the
one the one the one the
one of a one of the
one which one of the one?
I do not 'speak the language.' But the language is which is repetitive, as is the cycles we experience in life before the black consumes us. When I read this it felt like marching, the way living is like marching except there is no point in marching but still we march, because we are commanded.
kill all humans
It's not meant to be translated (as it doesn't mean anything), but try pronouncing it like you would in english, or any other language then german, and listen to the sound of it, try saying it really smooth, it's a fine tongue-twister

It's interesting to see how people react to things like this , especially ninja's comment. It made me have deep thoughts about the meaning of life, whereafter I found out
I got a headache.