I just wondering that if i directly plug my Zoom G9.2tt to a cab will it work ?

I know with most multi-effects its not but i want to know if it is possible with my zoom g9.2tt
Even if its possible, it will sound like total crap i guess.
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Lol. I directly tryed it via headphones ( normaly plug headphones to amp)

It worked but cleans are little bit distorted..

I think beacuse of my B.C Rich
Direct to a cab wont work, it doesnt have enough output to drive a cab. If you wanted to do this, you'd need a poweramp.
You wll need a poweramp but if you want to invest in that type of setup atleast get a better modeller
My zoom g9.2tt is good..

I just asked im not going to give money for it

Rising money for Bugera 333xl-212