can you get a sampler pedal that you can layer more than one track on, maybe 4 or 5 layers. im not too worried if they are individual tracks or it ends up as one track, but if you can keep them individual without getting more than one pedal that would be i deal.
any suggestions or ideas welcome
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Yeah. They're called looper pedals. I don't know shit about them so I can't recommend one, but there are tons out there.
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Yeah, you can definitely do this with a looper pedal. I have a Boss RC-2 that can do this, although it'd take some practice to pull it off in a live situation. There's also a bigger, better model called the RC-20 that you might want to check out.
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Boss RC-2 works well enough in my experience, as long as you at least get the fs-5 footswitch. With no footswitch, it's a bit more complicated; you press on the pedal to record, press again to stop recording and start looping, and if you hold the pedal you'll undo. A second footswitch will let you stop in the middle of the track, delete the whole track by holding the button or setting a tempo for the included beatbox by tapping it when it's not playing.
The fs-6, having 2 switches, has an additional one that lets you skip to the next patch (you can save 12 on the pedal IIRC)
It's very efficient and is one of the cheapest loopers on the market, and IMO, you don't need much more

The only boss pedal I got and I'd get lol
If you want to do really complex looping there are pedals and software you can use to mix it all live with a laptop. Look into Zoe Keating who does this with a cello!
Just be careful you don't screw up or else you'll got bottled off the stage for playing with tracks.

But seriously yeah, totally possible. In my opinion though, it's just way too easy in a full band situation for something like that to go terribly wrong.
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pre-record a first part and save it, just so you can be sure it's fully tight. Too often have I started recording loops, only to realise that the beginning isn't as fast as the end, or that I ended the recording too late or too early, having weirdly timed loops...

also, once, I wanted to loop a part live, and a piano riff started to play, because I had pre-saved a song XD