I'm looking for a cheap(er) PRS hollowbody copy and came across TC Ellis Guitars (http://www.tcellisguitars.com/). I've searched here and found a few threads and reviews and was wondering if anyone else had some more reviews about their Series 1 hollowbody. I'm extremely interested in the quilted maple/amber? finish one and have emailed the owner but haven't gotten any response. I live in Virginia and TC Ellis is based in England so I can't very easily go check them out. Does anyone have any more information/ordering help/reviews that could help me out? I've attached a picture of the guitar I'm interested in.
I looked into TC Ellis a while back and heard a lot of good stuff about his guitars. I had to wait for a response at first too. Don't worry and just wait. Wicked happy that you posted because I too was looking into the hollowbodies and knew of nonother copies. Not a fan of HBs but these bodies are just beautiful. Good luck!
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Thanks for the input Rcasa630. About how long did it take for you to get a response, I emailed him about a week ago. When you did talk to him did you end up getting a guitar? BTW if youre interested in these type of hollowbodies keep a lookout for the old Raven West Guitars RG450. Its essentially the same thing and I've heard great reviews however they've been discontinued and are quite hard to find. I was set on a Raven but after not being able to find one for a while I branched out and stumbled across TC Ellis.