Thank you for the offer and for listening.

No, we haven't had those tracks mastered yet. We're planning on finding a studio and re-recording some of the stuff off of the demo and maybe some newer tracks once we have enough money. But for that demo we recorded all of the music on garageband on a macbook.
Hmm. If I were you, and I am in a two-piece myself, I'd probably stick with home recording for now. You can achieve some good results as you'll find the extra time you can put in will sometimes outweigh the equipment and experience of a studio. The stuff in my sig was all recorded at home. It's not brilliant by a long way, but it cost nothing to do.
@ REMJohn - Right now, we're trying to find a good and affordable mixer. And worst case scenario if we somehow do book studio time, i play drums (not the greatest) and my bandmate plays bass, so we could write the whole backbone rhythm section of our songs by ourselves.

@ Peytonnn - Thank you, I will look into them.