So basically, if you buy a new guitar, the frets are nice. Most probably. Now if you buy a used guitar, how old can the guitar be without having frets in crappy condition?

Also, how much would it cost to take your guitar to have the frets dressed (or taken cared of, if that was the word), and would it be a solid solution to a problem like that?

any help, appreciated


and does this vary by the quality/price range of the guitar?
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It's not a question of how old the guitar is, but how much it has been played.

And if it's a cheap guitar, it's probably not worth getting a professional fret job, they're expensive. Either do it yourself, of buy another neck/another guitar.
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but how much about would it cost?

and well, after how many hours of playing would you get your own frets dressed, in a 1000e guitar? if you srsly wouldnt want to let go of the guitar.
Way too many variables. How many hours on the guitar, how light the player's touch, style of music, fretwire itself, etc... All you can do is evaluate each guitar on a case by case basis.

A fret level/dress should run about $100 or so. I do my own so I actually love finding guitars that need a fresh level/crown/polish......allows me to negotiate the price down quite a bit for something that only takes me an hour or so to remedy.
well just some kind of edgy example!

ok I play 2 hours a day (every day), with a hard touch. I play metal, with an LTD Deluxe. So pretty good quality guitar, with pretty good quality fret wire I assume.

how long would I have to have the guitar til I should dress the frets from the buying day?

just an educated guess, plz.
are the frets worn? are they affecting play?

You might not ever even have to deal with it. I've seen guitars go ten years plus without needing it, and usually when the do, it's just the first couple of frets, which is inexpensive to fix.
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My new RG is just over a month old and has worn frets already ( where I bend a lot) and needs a leveling. It pisses me off, I wish it had stainless but I hear they sound not too great.
You will know if you need the frets worked on. One of my friends has a late 60's sg tahr hasn't had the frets worked on for over 20 years, and it plays fine.
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