I have a chance to buy a mint one with case for 350£ (The SR5006E retails for 1500£ over here and I figured the differences between the two aren't that big? EDIT: Found a SR1006EFM mint for 1200£

I've been wanting a 5 or 6-stringed fretted bass as I end up regretting selling my Ibanez SRX595. This would be used for heavier music, as I use my fretless for all my softer stuff and I figured they would compliment each other well!

Anyone has experience with the SR1006EFM?

(I'm alright with the SR string spacing btw)
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There is very little chance that the deal is legit, why would somebody sell a £1500 bass for £350?

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Bear in mind that he's not selling the SR5006E, which is currently retailing for £1500, but the older SR1006EFM (from 2005) - I'm sure that makes a difference. The actual model is discontinued (EDIT : I actually just found it on a national website for around 1200£ new).
I've also seen several pictures on request as well as spoken on the phone, have his (and his wife's) facebook and their address, so I'm almost certain that they are not playing a trick on me.
Regardless, I'm going to pick the bass up in person, should I go through with it.

It's not the first time I've found great second-hand deals. I got my Ibanez Universe for 650£ (which retailed for 1900£ at the time). Just gotta take your precautiouns
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