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So i'm sure you all remember the Peavey VTM120 I bought on ebay and later sent back cause it had some issues.

Well today I look on my front doorstep and there it was again. Only ebay sent it back to me with no box, it was just wrapped in bubblewrap and tape......And thats just the beginning

Upon unwrapping it, screws are missing, the back grill just fell right out, and i'm welcomed by tons of broken glass from 3 out of 4 of the power tubes being ripped out of the sockets and crushed to pieces. And the reverb tank is not screwed down anymore, its just hanging by a wire.

They also sent it back to me with something called a "bushing insert", I honestly have no idea what this is, or what the hell it's for.

Unfortunately, a VTM120 that may have only needed new tubes and a rebias before is in very very sad shape now. I'm going to put it on craigslist for like $50 as parts. If noone bites it's most likely going in the trash

Never through it would have to come to that. Although I might steal the reverb tank out of it before I trash it.

I'll post some pics later to show you the madness

also if anyone wants it obviously i'll sell it cheap as hell. I'll sell it for whatever you would pay for a line 6 spider or marshall mg
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I didn't realize eBay sent anything.


You need to clarify a bit... So did you get a refund? Who'd you send it to? Who sent it back? Why do you think its only worth $50? Even if it is all beat up it still is most likely operational.
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Unless its electronic drums.

poor banana
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Yes I got a full refund for it thankgod.

I sent it back to the seller, and for some reason he refused to accept it back. It was then sent to ebay, who then sent it back to me. And for some reason they took it out of the box and shipped it in tape and bubblewrap without a box. But whatever, i didn't spend anymoney on it.

i'm obviously not going to ship it again.
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that's pretty funny actually. where in philly are you.

in the suburbs like right outside, but im in center city a

why? don't you live in florida?
sorry to hear that man, VTMs are sweet
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whatever, i'm not really that bummed about it, since I have my 5150 now that sounds great.

And it literally didn't cost me a dime. I even got the money I paid in shipping refunded.

Also like I said they sent me some part that i'm assuming is used to repair some of it, but I dunno what the hell it is or how to use it, i'll include that with it.
I actually already had someone from craigslist email me about it. I think i'm trading it for a pedal

If it's not gone by the time you come here AM it's yours.
pics are big and low quality, deal with it

heres the original picture(before the shipping madness)

and now to the bad

while 3 out of 4 of the power tubes were completely destroyed, the one managed to stay perfectly intact
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Is that one of the transformers hanging off there? That isn't good.
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Unless its electronic drums.

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I'll take it for the price of shipping...and I'm somewhat close to you

im not taking the time to ship it again, if you can pick it up its your for $50 which is what the original shipping cost was
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that doesn't look so good.

was the shipping label taped on the bubble wrap?

yes i couldnt believe it. i shipped it in a box, and it was shipped back without one.

hence why i'm just contemplating throwing it in the trash
that's really weird. lol. anyhow if you still have it this weekend I'll definitely drive by and grab it.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
word. someone offered me a planet waves tuner pedal for it i may actually take that up since I need a tuner pedal(even though it's a cheap one), but i mean free is free
WTF indeed. Do you know how much force it takes to break a tube? What were they doing with it? Using it as cricket stumps?
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it took real effort to **** it up that bad.

give it to acousticmirror! he needs something to do...

heh, he'll probably get andy fuchs to modify it.
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