So, I'm looking into getting a new bass head and cab. The head I'm looking at is a 250w Hartke head, and I'm probably going to invest in a matching 2x10. My question is, if I wanted to upgrade to another cab later, like maybe this Acoustic 8x10, would the fact that it has a listed power handling of 800 watts matter at all?
no it only means thats about the max ammount of power it can take from a head without being destroyed (speaker wise)
if you do that it should be fine
my cab can handle 700 but the head only maxes at 450
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Cool, good to know man. I'm really not familiar with heads and cabs, I've only ever been a combo user before this.
Some cabs work better with more power, they just spund better. Alot of modern speakers are designed to take more power then they rate at. They also perform better with more power.

Its just something to think about if you want to upgrade later.
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Hmm, guess it'd be worth it for me to look for a more powerful head then.

Question; I know the Line 6 Spiders get (well-deserved) amounts of flak, but what about their bass amps? Are they worth a damn(especially the heads)?
Ive only tried the combo's and tbh i dont mind them at all. I would choose something over them, but they didnt sound bad and they packed a nice punch with a 15" speaker.
Yamaha TRB1006
Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
Epiphone les paul
Also, be mindful of Ohm's.
If you're running a 4 Ohm head through a 4 Ohm cab, you'll be getting the full power, but you won't be able to run another cab through that head.

If the head is 4 Ohm's, the cab is 8 Ohm's, you're not getting the full power, but you're able to run another 8 ohm cab because two 8 ohm cabs run at 4 ohms together (just think half of 8)

Same goes for 2 ohms, if head is 2 ohms, you can run one 2 ohm cab, or two 4 ohms cabs, you could even run a 4 ohm and 8 ohm or 2 8 ohms, but you'll be under powering the amp. It's always better to get as close the the ohmage of your amp as possible.
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