How long did it take you guys to get your pinky finger working for ya? I'm still taming mine...
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It's a never ending battle to get it under control. Just keep working on it.
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I'm getting there with mine. It's definitely taken a long time, but if you concentrate on practicing with it you will definitely see improvement. I've just been getting my guitar while I watch TV and doing hammer-ons or playing scales which use my pinky heavily, and in 2-3 weeks I've definitely noticed some improvement. I think it's something you have to concentrate on though, I've been playing for 2 years or so but didn't see much improvement until I started focusing my efforts on it.
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My middle-to-pinky finger movement is what others' index-to-middle movement is. I've just used the pinky right from the start, it always felt natural. I would suggest doing trills monotonously between the pinky and every finger up and down fretboard. Try to keep the pinky close to the fretboard at all times, and apply equal pressure among all fingers.
Good exercise it to: place your ring finger on the first fret and your pinky on the 2nd fret on the low E and play that then play it on the next string till you reach the high E then keep playing that but keep going higher.
I used my pinky right from the start, instead of my ring finger. These days my pinky and reach and play almost anything. Just keep fighting though it and it will come around. Use it in a lot of places you'd normally use your ring finger (aside from scales and stuff).
When I started learning from youtube videos one of the videos said it's best to train your pinky from the beginning. So I've never really had a weak pinky, and I always use it.
I never had a problem with my pinky, I've been using it appropriately from when I first started guitar.
I've got a naturally crooked pinky, so I've been having trouble with it from the start. Still can't really use it at the beggining of the neck (playing for fret wide scales and such, chords are no problem though)... But it's getting to be of some use.
Everything is divisible by metal- Michael Angel Batio
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When I first started playing, my guitar teacher gave me "the talk" about making sure I was using my pinky. Luckily for me, I took it to heart and have always used it as much as my other fingers.
That said, I think keeping the pinky mobile is always going to take a little bit more maintenance than your other fingers. For example, it's always going to be a bit easier to trill between your index finger and middle fingers than between your ring and pinky. That's just the way our hands are made. I give it a bit of extra practice by taking some pinky intensive pattern like 1-4-3-4 and 1-4-2-4 and using it to work through the my scales as my warm-up.