Hello everybody,

I have a Mexican Standard Strat with a treetrunk of a neck which is glossed. I find it really, really annoying to play on since the gloss makes it really hard to move your hand, it's like having a neck made out of tape.

Can I just smooth off the gloss with sandpaper?

Best and only picture I have of it.

Will this make the neck feel smooth like those artificially Strat roadworn guitars?
Rub it down with some very fine steel wool (like #0000/000)
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If you felt really ambitious you could sand off the finish, then coat it with some satin lacquer. Steel wool sounds like a much better idea though.
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Rub it down with some very fine steel wool (like #0000/000)

this or a very high grit sand paper, like 4000 or something. don't actually take the finish off, just "rough" it up.
Have a look at this, chief.
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It's thicker than any Les Paul I've ever played, I know Les Paul players who complain that it's too thick ( )

I liked that video Mad Marius, thank you.

How am I supposed to know what kind of finish it has?
I know that the paint coating is nitro but I don't know about the neck.
It's some kind of special edition Fender...
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