Thats actually really interesting.
You can definitely see the effects of the depression but its a lot less gloomy than it seems with all the black and white photos.
Thanks for this!

Edit: Btw, is it just me or are the chicks mad scary?
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Check out those artsy filters. The photographer must be so indie.
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That guy on the left is terrifying.

Christ, that wasn't far from where I am


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Some great photos, it can be hard to imagine periods with black & white photography in colour sometimes.

Loved this photoInvalid img)
I don't think I saw one person smiling.
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the past looks a lot better in color
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For me, it looks far more depressing than the black and white photos. At least with the black and white photos I can say to myself 'it's only depressing because it's in black and white'

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This is cool. I'll be sharing on facebook, but I'll take credit for finding it on my own. muhahahhaha
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Nice, I like the look of film better. I still shoot film sometimes, but they stopped making kodachome, thankfully they still have fujichrome.
I think these are quite interesting. These give me a better pre/during war image then all the black&white stuff,
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Those were really interesting photos. Good find TS.


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Those pictures scare the fuck out of me. It's bad enough in black and white, but seeing people(most of whom are dead now) looking so real creeps me out like crazy.
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