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No, what the **** is this shit?
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The truth is, Muslims never apologized for their faith having something to do with the attacks on 9/11.
Haha, I hear the accent on a daily basis, of course I understand it.
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"The more you think, the better you're going to play. That should be a quote somewhere."
- Marty Friedman

the Iceland guy is harder to understand because he's on the phone. it would be the same if he were speaking in my dialect.
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"We were in Newcastle, we were gonna go to Prague but the airport was shut. So I came to Newcastle and I've got the "I hate Iceland" guy standing next to me."
"You're with him right now?"
"Yeah, would you like to speak to him?"
"Yeah let me just remind blah blah blah"
"Anton something ( )"
"And can I speak to him now?"
"That's me, I'm on right now."
"Oh, you swapped over during the clip? Anton, right, First Question, why do you hate Iceland?"
"Why do I hate Iceland? Because it's their fault I couldn't go to Prague."
"I don't think it was their fault that there was a volcano though."
"Hey, hey, they rip us off when we go for beer, they've got volcanoes, the lot." (he might have said the arabians rip us off )
"Why were you going to Prague?"
"Why was I going to Prague? My little brother's 21st."
"How many of you were in the group?"
"And who dared you to go and do it?"
"Who dared me? They didn't, it was just a spur of the moment."
"So you decided to do it yourself?"
"Aye, well I had a couple of brewskis down me so..."
"So you were drunk?"
"Yeah... well, no, it was a couple of beers. It just felt like the right thing to do. Are you trying to say you never done anything like that when you were younger?"
"Well I'm 28 and I don't think i've ever hated a whole country on national TV before."
"Aw... I do. It wasn't just me. it was the collective group. We all hate them."
"Listen, tell me something, since you were on Sky News yesterday, What happened, why did you think of doing that?"
"It was the proudest moment of my life."
"Really? Because I thought it didn't make you look that good."
"300,000 hits, man. On Youtube. Read it and weep."
"300,000 hits doesn't necessarily mean it was good. You had a lot of texts about this since you were on?"
"No, I'm just turning my phone on now."
"You still hate Iceland?"
"Yeah, I hate Iceland. I. HATE. ICELAND. I. HATE. ICELAND."

-.- that took longer than I thought.
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For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.