Heyy, I'm the lead guitarist from Season of Chaos,
and our band have recently recorded our original called A Minute Never Felt So Long,
wouldn't mind some feedback offa you guys :]
The first verse vocals are a bit outta tune but the vocals improve throughout,

ALSO, let me know what genre you think we are?
I honestly have no idea..
Thanks guys


Edit: Ooh, and this is just a demo, we're re-recording it when we do our EP!
So ignore the slight changes in time, as we didn't have enough time to record to a click, oh and we plan on changing the levels a bit too, eg. increasing the screaming levels etc..
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You're emo/screamo or whatever it's called. Not my thing at all, I hate it in fact. But, for what you're doing it sounds pretty professional and all that. As long as you like it, I think you're doing a good job of it.