Heyy, so I plan on buying a Peavey 6505 head, and i'm wondering what cab to buy with it?
i've been looking at the blackstar series 1 cab 4x12, but i dont know why i want it, it just seems like a good size, and it's £500.
The tone i'm after is like a Parkway Drive kind of tone, and i'm just intrigued on what the cab actually does when ti comes to the head aswell? I mean i know the sound goes through the cab, but.. Is there much difference in the tone?
Well do you NEED a 4x12 cab? Chances are you don't, a 2x12 would probably suit you just fine. The difference in tone will be notable and noticeable assuming your ears are developed enough. The quality of the cab construction and the speaker(s) will also affect how the overall sound is.

Wait for Matt or MC to come by and drop you some good suggestions, I'm not exactly sure what you would need as far as speakers/brand name goes, although Celestion V30s might suit you just fine. Look on your local CL to find some good deals on cabs, then post em here for input.
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anything with V30s would be perfect for the tone you're looking for though