Don't suppose there are any about ?

Went out to town today with the intention of trying tele's and find ing out which one of them i liked . I tried a few and they just sounded like my Parker p36 .So i tried a Fender JAguar.
I tried it , and it was awesome ....

Looking to spend around 400 , but more could be found for the right guitar.

Thanks for looking guys :-)

Andy (Dickinstein)
Have you tired eBay? There may not be any 'Buy it Now' offers for that cheap, but you could win a bid.

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Have been monitoring the bay this afternoon , i was just seeing what was available on here an other forums as alot of people don't like the fuss of the bay .

Thanks anyway guys :-)
I have a 97 CIJ Jag that I wwill be tradeing in a couple of weeks.Its had a pup change and a scratchy po..I dont know what the pickups are,but they are slightly bigger then Strat pups,more Tele size.The cables exit the pickups at the side,not center like strat pickups.They sound great though.Also its a little bit reliced.A couple of dings and a scorch mark on the bottom of the headstock and the bridge is a TOM.I'm bidding on a Jag bridge. White(creme now) with tort. I'. hoping to swap it for a amp.Peavey Classic 30 /Delta Blues or ,Fender type amp.
I'm in the London /Essex area .If you see one let me know,They normally go for a lot less then your thinking of spending.