We're thinking about buying an accordion for my dad. Basicallly we know nothing about them so anybody here play? What are things to look in when buying one (other than price). Nothing too expensive....budget is about $400 max (US). It needs to be a full size piano accordion. There are no nearby stores we know of that have accordions, but if there are any you know of near Atlanta, please let me know. Thanks
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It might be worth checking craigslist, you could find something pretty interesting.

+1. Craigslist is always the best place to start looking. Plus Atlanta is a big city so that helps the odds that there may be one on there.


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i have an accordion, they're pretty popular around here. mine's a pretty basic one i got from a friend, keyboard layout, in F (can't play E basses,) and only has basic mayor and minor triads on the left hand (A D G C F Bb). you should do some research, there are many types: button, keyboard, chromatics, diatonics, etc. check out e-bay too.