Hey guys. Im making kind of a techno like song just for fun and so far i have the drums done and im trying to put a clap in on a certain beat. I can get the claps on time for like the first four then they start getting more and more off beat. How can i keep them on beat? Im using Audacity by the way.
Step-time in Audacity? I don't envy you my friend
I'm not sure if there's a faster way to do it, but you could select the space in between two claps (as precisely as possible, use zoom), find out the exact amount of time that is and use the repeat function using said amount of time.
Otherwise, I think you'll have to do it manually.
Ok. Is there anyway i can put the separate claps on one track and move them individually? When i put more than one clap into audacity it either makes it a new track or if i put in on the existing track it makes them all one.
Audacity seems to have been developed with sound manipulation and simple recording in mind, rather than step time. This unfortunately means that it may not be possible to do what you want without copy and pasting the claps while zoomed in.
If you haven't already, you could add in a click track which would provide some help with this, although I don't think there's a snap tool =/
I'd suggest switching to Reaper.
Not a job for audacity tbh. Reaper has a grid. Ive only used it briefly but I didnt think the grid worked too well.

Might be a bit overkill if you're only doing this for fun, but a good sequencer makes this all a doss. Cubase, logic and ableton for example
get reaper and use the grid

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