My Mesa Boogie cab makes a pretty loud buzzing sound when I crank up the volume and I'm not playing anything. Even if I turn down the volume knob on my guitar the buzz is still there.

The only reason I'm concerned really is I'm considering recording with it soon and I don't want that noise to be on the recording. Any help?
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running many FX pedals?
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Try a noise suppressor? Maybe an ISP decimater? Maybe pedulz?
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No I don't have any pedals running through it. My setup is just ESP Viper 400 (Maybe its the EMG's)>duel recto head>cab

What kind of noise suppressor? Like a noise gate pedal or something?
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How high is your gain? If your gain is high and you like it high, i suggest a noise gate, ISP is good, Boss ns-2 is good too. BFMV use the boss one.