Stared for hours into my mirror
Took my conscience by suprise
as feelings flowed like winter's rivers
from the windows of my eyes

As dark a place as I did ever know
as light as any place I cared to go
for the first time the colours gave me answers
as black as coal and white as winter snow

made my bed like every morning
returned like every afternoon
regret my day's exploits and anger
the evening always comes too soon

a love like this so pure yet so disabled
could tear the laughter from comedians
its reads like one of Jesus Christ's own fables
'thou shalt not allow thyself to learn!'

Stare back in my fading mirror
check to see if times have changed
but my eyes still roll at rhymes familiar
I still respond to my old name

Close my eyes and nothing seems to happen
tell myself it's gunna be ok
Lie waiting for a dream to come and take me
but all I get's the piercing light of day