Hey guys,

Heres my latest song a week. Its been driving me a bit nuts actually. I really like the acoustic guitar bit but not a lot else.

Let me know what you guys think about any aspect of it



Im speechless from the morning

Wandering shore to shore

Now Im breathless from the evening

Nights are dark no more

Never been understood like this

Never been understood before

Could you trust whats uncertain

and see perfection in my flaws

Could you find hope in desparation

And pick me up when I fall

Never been understood like this

Never been understood before

Could you haunt me when I am lonely

Would you be the last one I saw

Could you wait till theres nothing to wait for

and still end up at my door

Never been understood like this

Never been understood before
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Cool! Keeping it simple yet sounding great. I don't like the drums too much though... but that's just personal preference. I think it would be more interesting if you fingerpicked the chords instead of strumming. I'd like to hear you do a song that way.
Yea but the song works stand-alone but I think it needs some kind of a kick to be listened as a part of an album (like fingerpicking) or something, but that's just me. The song was simply structurized so nothing wrong with that either... the song is really good.

Crit for crit?
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Nice song. Volume's a little low but that's not a big deal at all. As far as mixing goes, I'd like to hear the vocals go down a bit and/or the guitar come up in the mix. It has a very flowly dreamy feel to it. The lyrics fit together great with the melody. Almost sounds like it would go to a scene in a movie. You should look into that! Solid song dude. Quality is great.

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Thats for the crit guys. Drums are a bit dodge, I was doing rim shots on the snare with rods but they just dont sound punchy enough, so I think I'll use hi-hats instead. I'll take down the vox a touch thanks buddy.
I've gotta say, I quite liked that. Thought the recording quality was pretty good. I'd work on the mix like the others said, but I think it's fine. Mighty fine sounding song, I really dig the whole vibe. The guitar part is a simple, beautiful kind of thing. Wonderful lyrics, and I think you've got a good voice man. I agree with it being in a movie haha. Sounded a bit like Dave Matthews Band and Goo Goo Dolls combined. Or something.

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Really good stuff there, I really liked the vocals they fit perfectly for the style. I thought it was genuinely good, I wish I could play piano I think it really adds alot to for this kind of music. Lyrics are straight to the point which I don't always like but I did for this song, it just fit very well with everything else. Nice website, keep it up I'm looking forward to hearing more.

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