My sound sucks. So today my friend showed me his piano studio which includes a direct link from his speakers to his computer for good quality sound.

Now right now I'm doing the bad idea of recording directly into the computer speakers from my amp and needless to say, the sound is a little below par. What's the exact type of gear I would need to get my guitar sound directly into the computer?
You need an USB interface. Something like this.

Then, you need amp simulator plug-ins, and software to load them into.

I use REAPER as the recording software, and for amp and effect simulations i use the Peavey ReValver MkIII, AcmeBarGig's plugins or LePou's plugins.

This thread is a great place to start, it teaches A LOT about computer recording.
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Twist of fate..

Go and get the program winrar, that will open the rar files and extract their contents for you.

Just to get your feet wet, so that you don't have to deal with cabinets and effects loading as well finding the install folder, etc. Go and download our freeware Shred 1.06 Guitar suite. That has an install program and everything is built in.

Once you get a handle on how it all works then you'll be better suited to start adding mix and match components like different cabs, stomps and stuff.

Hope that helps..
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recording will require some knowledge of the computer - GET BUSY.
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