Hello Pit,
I have a question for all you UK pit monkeys, what is the quality of the mobile network 3, is it any good? Ive looked up some information on it and I keep on getting mixed results, more bad than good though,
Any help is appreciated, especially and info regarding network coverage.
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They have done all these adverts recently saying they have improved their network so maybe.


Do a postcode check on their website because 3 don't accept any returns under any circumstance.
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Do a postcode check on their website because 3 don't accept any returns under any circumstance.

That's shockingly illegal
they used to have terrible reception up where I live (middle of nowhere) but that was several years ago. You're probably fine in major population centers.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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http://the llama forum because its gone forever which sucks and I hate it.
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That's shockingly illegal

It isn't, as long as they make it clear before you buy anything.

Which is their policy to do so if some salesperson forgets, you won't really be able to prove it.
Avoid them like the plague. They are bloody horrendous.
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If you try and leave the company.....well it's like a clingy girl your trying to get rid of! The bastards just don't give up!

So true. I was so angry at repeating myself I was actually shouting, and they were still like "but we can offer you worse deal with worse phone for same monies you stay with 3 now yes?"
Avoid at all cost, they're crappily crappy

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I like how TS pointed out in the title that the word "three" and the number "3" are actually the same thing.
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I was on 3 for a while, didn't really like them at all, the coverage was terrible, but I did enjoy having Live Messenger on my phone, and you can get free Internet with them now so if you want that then go for it, though if you want a good phone service, pretty much any other network would be better than 3.