I currently have a Peavey XXX combo, and it just doesn't seem to be doing it for me anymore. I need an amp that can cover alot of different styles.

I'm thinking about selling the peavey and buying something new. I've been looking into the Tiny Terror actually.

Anyway, give me some suggestions?

I want a combo, all tube,
I'm looking for a Rush tone, but ideally I would still like the new amp to be able to handle some heavy stuff, such as Lamb of God, Parkway Drive, Protest the Hero.

I'm looking around the $700 range, and I'm willing to go used.
just give me a fender and let me rip
I heard that thing do blues, metal,punk,funk...
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Honestly, if the XXX isn't doing it for you and that's your budget. Save up more for a used Mesa Mark or something like that that. The TT won't do shit for you.
i would agree. the tiny terror isn't nearly as versatile as the fanboys make it out to be.

you're going to have to save up to get one really versatile amp, or buy another one trick pony. at that price, you wont be able to get much, especially covering the range of rush to lamb of god.

look around for a mark series amp from mesa like has already been stated, but your budget may need to be twice what it is now. thats one of the most versatile amps you can get. if you arent willing to do that, look for a peavey classic 30, fender hrd, or possibly a H&K statesman with an od/dist pedal. also take a look at mesa transatlantic. i havent had a chance to play it yet since no local shops have it yet, but from what i'm hearing, it'll give those classic rock tones.