Well, title says it, I need new/more gear.

First, I can't really afford boutique amp heads with their nice $1800 price tags. I'm a college student... so let's try to keep it real.

I enjoy playing a variety of rock from Led Zep to Whitechapel.

But I would prefer the focus to be on metal, more modern metal than old school. While I do love Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera, and etc. my true love is modern metal.

Some of my favorites woiuld be

Between the Buried and Me, Parkway Drive, Whitechapel, After the Burial, The Word Alive, Enter Shikari, Of Mice and Men, **Protest the Hero** LOOOOVE that tone, Sky Eats Airplane, We Came as Romans. I think you get the picture, stuff along those lines.

What I'm looking for: A new head (a would consider a combo though if it had a line out) and a modest amount of essential pedals.

Thanks for any help and I apologize as I'm sure people are tired of seeing threads like this.
okay, so whats your actual price range then? $800 or so? $600?

if its something like that, then you're going to want to look at bugera. 6262 is what you'll want to see. also 333xl.

take a look for a single rectifier (or dual) used. look for a peavey xxx used, or a 5150/6505.
Just an amp? Hmm. You would recommend a mesa but your price tag so nope. Peavey vypyr maybe? or a create amp? Whatever you do, don't get a line6....
You should try looking at the Marshall JMD
Quote by User_Name336
okay, so whats your actual price range then? $800 or so? $600?

if its something like that, then you're going to want to look at bugera. 6262 is what you'll want to see. also 333xl.

take a look for a single rectifier (or dual) used. look for a peavey xxx used, or a 5150/6505.


An used Peavey 6505+ combo and an EQ pedal, and you'd be nailing those tones you mentioned in no time.
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i dont know much about main stream bands, but i had no idea you needed a boutique amps to get their sounds :P

i guess you would need one for studio tones sometimes (or vice versa live tones)
Ideally I think the cap on the amp would be $800 tops but that's a large stretch. I'd hope more along the $600-700.
I had looked at bugera online but have never heard one so I was unsure. Yes I've toyed with Line 6 before in a store and they sound far too processed for my taste.
I wasn't saying I needed a boutique I just know any time someone says metal all minds shift to Mesa :P. And while I do feel Mesa's give a great tone, I just can't afford it at this stage in my life

What about pedals though?
okay, for that price point, take a look at all the amps i've mentioned.

the peavey 6505 should do you fine. BUT! the bugera 6262 is a clone of that amp, and in my opinion, much better. to my ears, it has a far better clean sound. and the distorted sounds are better as well. the bottom end seems to be tighter, yet there is more of it. there's also more usable gain (6505 has more on tap but it does nothing after a certain point). but that's just my opinion after having rented and gigged with both several times.

i would really suggest looking at both of those amps and trying them out for yourself. people are usually either one way or the other for these amps. rarely will you find a person who likes both equally. i like the peavey (dont get me wrong, its a great amp), but i personally feel the bugera is a better amp, especially for the money.
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Boutique is usually just a term attached to a high price tag and much sought after item. In this context it would be a high end amp such as a Mesa Boogie. Although some could argue that it would be the lesser known, hand-built, amplifiers such as Dr. Z or Carr.

I'll try and find a shop that carries those so I can demo them myself. Thanks for the help. Would they require an additional distortion/overdrive pedal? And if not require, would it be beneficial?
Haha, trust us, there is no way that you will ever need another distortion pedal again with a 6505 or a 6262. They're ****ing monsters.
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agreed. i've never needed one. but what i've done since they're only two channel is using a distortion pedal (metal muff) on the clean channel so i got to make it a 4 channel with all 4 sounding very different from each other. its not necessary, but if you like a little added versatility when playing live, it may be worth a look.

overall though, you'll never need to boost these amps. thats why i suggested them!
Alright awesome. What about delay, chorus, flange, blah blah blah. Would these benefit me for that style?
delay for sure. we came as romans uses it quite a bit. its a pretty versatile pedal that will definitely spice up your playing and you'll find tonnes of different sounding applications for it.

chorus may be another one to look into. a slow one like the following link may be something you want to do for your cleans. other than that, a chorus wouldn't really be too beneficial (yes, zakk wylde uses it, but you're not after that sound are you?)